About Doug Ranno

From the very beginning, Doug Ranno has always had a strong passion for fresh produce. A graduate of California State University Sacramento where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, Ranno also received certification through the Post- Harvest Technology program at the University of California at Davis. Through the years, he has experienced, first-hand, how unique varieties and unique services can create successful differentiation for businesses to prosper from. Ranno was the founding member of three businesses in the United States and two businesses in Mexico whose’ main missions were to bring to market great tasting, unique and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables while raising the awareness of their many benefits.

About Using Music and Guitars for Charity

One of the things Doug has always been known for is his love of music and guitars. His creative musical efforts has helped charities and worthy causes raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy industry causes such as The Nashville Lifting Lives Foundation, Children’s Food allergy organizations, The Migrant Farm Workers’ foundation, The PMA Foundation for Industry Talent, The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, JR Giants foundation, Family House, SUEF School foundation, Homeless Veterans organizations and several local school and church fund raising efforts just to name a few.

Musical Harvest, a business Doug started to make uniquely themed guitars, is usually where it starts. Musical Harvest makes a particular guitar design for a particular charity event, the guitars are played and signed by talented musicians and auctioned off to raise money for that particular charity or industry event.

In addition to Musical Harvest, Doug Ranno has been writing music for years and actually has published songs through BMI and one of his songs was used as background music for an Emmy nominated documentary TV show. Once in a while you might even see Doug and his band that he likes to call the Harvesting Crew™ playing a show or charity event and don’t be surprised if you see Doug playing a cowboy boot guitar, a broccoli shaped guitar, a banana shaped guitar or who knows what else. But what Doug would say, “It’s all for a good cause so let’s have some fun!”

About Serving The Fresh Produce Industry

Doug Ranno has served on the Produce Marketing Association Retail Board of Directors and has served as a board member of the Fresh Produce and Floral Council, the Produce for Better Health Foundation, the United Fresh Business Development Council. He has also been a longstanding member of those organizations and is or has been a member of the Western Growers Association, PACA, the Southeast Produce Council, and the Grower Shipper Association. He currently serves as a Board Member for the Center for Growing Talent by PMA

About Family First and Our Communities

Doug’s position about life is a simple non-wavering one. Family is first, be honest to those you work with and when you work for someone, treat their business as if it was your own. Deliver results as quickly and efficiently as possible and have fun with those who work with you along the way. Always be a good steward of the land and communities that grow and harvest our rich and bountiful crops and the people who help those crops to market.